With CloudCTI's Bouwinfosys telephony integration, the caller is recognized by the phone number sent and various actions can be automated. A call can also be set up automatically.


On incoming calls, a notification which does not interfere during work, pops up with data from Bouwinfosys. This notification is freely configurable and any data from Bouwinfosys can be displayed. The caller’s name is of course a primary requirement but all other sorts of info, often branch specific, is helpful like license plate, patient ID or the last pizza ordered. In the notification there is space for up to four lines of info and, depending on the length, even more fields. With a mouse click, a screen showing the caller’s data within Bouwinfosys can be opened real time. Optionally, up to five buttons may be configured. These can conveniently pop another screen from Bouwinfosys, open a ticket, compose an email to a colleague with the caller’s info automatically filled in or open another CRM altogether. Calls can be set up directly via a call button, select and call, etc. Entering phone numbers manually is no longer necessary.


• Set up a call automatically (click-to-call) with a mouse click or hot key.
• Automatic recognition of phone numbers. Data as known in Bouwinfosys pop up in a notification.
• This notification does not interfere during work.
• Is freely configurable.
• Space for up to four lines of info and, depending on the length, even more fields.
• Recognition from several CRM applications simultaneously is supported
• Multiple recognition in case a number occurs more than once.
• With one mouse click the caller’s record from Bouwinfosys pops up and provides real time info.
• The recognition is automatically updated daily (frequency adjustable)
• Any field from the Bouwinfosys database can be displayed.
• Any record in Bouwinfosys may be configured to pop up.
• On a call transfer recognition and screen pop remains available.
• Optionally, up to five buttons may be configured to perform additional actions: pop up from different screens in Bouwinfosys or from a different CRM, create a call back message, copy and retain the caller's phone number for future usage, etc.
• Teams-CRM Integration fully supported, see for more information cloudcti.nl/teams.


When in Bouwinfosys new contacts are created, CloudCTI automatically updates and recognizes them. In this way, correct operation is always guaranteed.
The integration establishes a connection (ODBC data link) to the database of Bouwinfosys.


CloudCTI is a fully cloud-based software and therefore deployable anywhere and easy to implement. Windows, MacOS and Chromebook (web client) are supported. Data is only cached and the highest security requirements are met.