Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software connects your business phone system and your contact database (CRM or ERP-applications). Thanks to this technology, you can set up a call from any application on your desktop with a single key press. In addition, contact info is presented on incoming calls and with one mouse click the related contact record pops up. CloudCTI only requires lightweight desktop software. It does not need special hardware or a locally installed server. Therefore, it can be set up in minutes and is easy to try.

CloudCTI is a brand of Keylink, a software company based in The Netherlands, providing cloud services to telecom providers and resellers focused on the integration of CRM and ERP applications. Our mission is to offer a broad range of integrations with very many different CRM applications that are very easy to implement.

Fulfilling this mission has brought us thousands of resellers providing our computer telephony integration services to their customers all over the world every day.

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