The best CRM integration,
for the best communication providers

We enable telecom providers to deliver CRM-integrations as part of their telephony offering.
End users can use our wizard, containing 200+ CRM applications with preconfigured settings,
or create their own custom made integration.


Select over 200 pré-configured CRM integrations from our
configuration library or
create your own

OEM integration possible

Push your own telecom brand and use our integration solution with your own branding!

CLOUD BASED -WIndows+Apple

CloudCTI is primary
cloud based and supported with native Windows and Apple-iOS applications

USE OUR API for automation

Create full license and usage integration for automated delivery though your own customer portals

Communication Platforms

Telecom providers all over the world trust us to connect with their communication platforms
in order to deliver unlimited CRM-integration for their partners and customers. See all our supported soluions here>>

We have more than
20 years of experience

We have become the experts in integration with over 20 years of experience, a growing demand for integrations, and a growing amount of technical possibilities through new cloud based API’s

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