Is there a trial period?

Wo offer a 30 day trial for every new partner, and for every new customer of partners. We even help you to setup your trial and show you how easy our CRM integration software is. 

Just plan a demo and we will contact you for a meeting.

Where can I see if my CRM solution is supported?

We already integrated over 200 CRM solutions, but every week some are added to the list. If you want to check all the available integrations, please look at the list here.  If your CRM solution is not listed, we will add it for Free! 

What is the pricing of the solution?

We offer an attractive purchase price to partners. Partners are able to make their own end-user pricing. If you are interested to know more about our price models, please contact us. 

Do you support Mac OS

Yes we do! We offer Mac OS users to use our Chrome Popup features!

Can I use it next to other clients?

Our client connects to the Broadsoft user account and can be used with or without any other client. We offer CRM integration functionality only.

Can scripts be run automatically?

Yes, but not always. Some scripts are executed from the cloud and are triggered by call events. These always execute automatically. They take the information from the call, such as the caller number, and pass that on to CRM specific API’s. BaseNet or VinSolutions are examples of CRM’s that use cloud-based scripts.

Scripts that run on the user’s system can be divided into two types. The first type also takes call information like the caller number and uses that to perform an action such as opening URL or call a helper tool which then opens a page in the CRM appropriate for that phone number. These scripts can optionally be run automatically. The second type of local scripts uses parameters, like a customer ID, from a contact record that is matched from an integrated CRM. Integrations that use these scripts can always have multiple integrations. Typically, on an incoming call, with integrations that use these scripts the notification can show multiple matches and only after the call is answered will it become clear which of the matches is correct. These scripts can only be triggered manually by clicking a button (often labelled ‘Show Contact’).

Whether or not it will be desirable to execute scripts automatically very much depends on the behavior of the CRM application if a script is triggered. With some, the CRM application itself may show a non-intrusive window or notification to alert the user with information of a caller. With these, the scripts are pre-configured to run automatically. With others, the CRM will immediately show the record of the caller. In those cases, if a user is just typing a note or processing an order, it will become unacceptable annoying fast if the script runs automatically and new records are opened each time the phone rings.

When configuring a script, why is the checkbox “execute automatically” sometimes missing?

Only scripts that exclusively use information from the call, such as the caller number, can be executed automatically. If scripts use information from matched records, such as a Contact ID, then there can be multiple matches and the script requires a button click to be executed with the correct contact. See “Can scripts be run automatically?” for more details.

Can I automatically add new (unmatched) contacts?

When the caller's number with an inbound call is not matched to the numbers in the CRM application you probably would like to be able to easily store it in your CRM so it is stored online. It is, however, generally difficult to automate this. In practice, it often happens that callers are already registered in the CRM, but this phone number is not! Automatically adding them would quickly lead to a abundance of duplicates which can cause all sorts of issues. Therefore, CloudCTI offers a button to copy the phone number to the clipboard for unmatched callers. During the conversation the user can search for the caller and paste the number with either an existing record or a new one. This is a reliable solution that also prevents errors in typing the phone number.

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