You can setup a call much faster if you just have to click the contact on your screen and accidently dialing a wrong number is something from the past. On incoming calls, one has immediate information on who is calling, no spelling of names or details necessary and with one click all relevant information in your CRM pops up.


Customer friendliness

Customers will prefer a supplier that can help them quickly and efficiently. Asking for long customer-id codes, typing it in, again making a human error every now and then is not optimal. It is even worse if you transfer the call to a colleague at another department and the customer has to repeat the process. With automatic customer recognition and screen pop, a customer will never have to endure this waiste of time again.

Process improvement

Making mistakes is only human. Dialing a wrong number is only a nuisance. The unnoticed misidentification of a caller, however, can be costly. If a package was sent to the wrong Johnson family – quickly looked up by hand – because there are two Johnson families living on Main Street. If a new contact’s phone number is entered into the CRM application with a typo making it impossible or time consuming to reach that person by phone. Preventing the cost of such mistakes can potentially make a huge difference over time.

Don’t wait to integrate! Drive productivity and save time

Employee satisfaction

People prefer purposeful activities that contribute to their goals. They enjoy making calls with a single key press and looking up contacts with a mouse click because less of their time is wasted on senseless number copying and the technology enables them to help their customers and prospects in a much better way. Even if you only make one phone call per day, the knowledge that doing it has been made easy forever can be quite satisfactory.

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