CloudCTI is a universal software service that enables telecom system manufacturers, service providers and resellers of telecom solutions to cover the need for CRM-and ERP integration of their customers. Many years of experience in this field resulted in a full featured software, serving this purpose.


It works with any CRM

CloudCTI supports almost any CRM or ERP application, including yours, that’s our long life mission. We integrate on request and mostly without extra charge, adding new CRM’s all the time to our portfolio of already hundreds of different CRM and ERP applications.

CloudCTI features many technologies that may serve to integrate CRM and ERP applications, even unusual, made-to-measure, bespoke and branch specific applications. This enables resellers to actively market and sell CRM integrations in a wide range of market segments.


Easy to implement

For a long list of standardly supported applications, our cleverly devised CTI Wizard automatically selects the appropriate technology and sets or detects most of the required settings. The CTI Wizard guides you through these steps of configuring the connection to your application and even enables users to integrate their homemade CRM themselves.
This makes the whole process quick and easy. Just try it yourself, you don’t have to be a software expert!

Cloud based solutions

Cloud based

Cloud based solutions are easy to implement locally and since hosted VoIP and CRM are fast growing applications, CloudCTI offers a direct integration between these cloud based tools without the need of any locally installed software. Even a CloudCTI Webconfigurator is available, enabling the administrator to configure the software initially without any local software.

Also on premise CRM’s are integrated from our MS Azure datacenters in North West Europe or the United States with a minimum of local software.


API to automate provisioning

With the CloudCTI provisioning API, the provisioning of CloudCTI user accounts and licenses can be made effortless. The task is reduced to checking a CTI box in your own provisioning process, after which interconnected systems automatically create accounts for all selected users and assign their desired licenses.

Try & Buy

Any CRM integration may be installed without obligation or cost since invoicing starts at the first day of the second month after implementation only, granting anyone a free test period of one to two months. Try and experience the power of CRM integration.


Since we work together with national carriers, CloudCTI software is tested and approved meeting the highest security standards and our datacenters are ISO 27001 certified. Please read our security policy.

Same sign-on

Same sign-on

To improve the user experience, enhance security and reduce support effort on your organization, CloudCTI offers ‘same sign-on’*. The user can sign in with the credentials of their telecom system and does not need an extra set of credentials. That means no risk of unsafe CloudCTI passwords no need to reset lost passwords.



To telecom providers we offer the possibility to rebrand our software so their CTI proposition to end customers has their look and feel. Already many providers offer CloudCTI technology inside, benefitting of our excellent technology and helping their customers to improve their telephony experience.


All major telecom systems

CloudCTI software integrates all major telecom systems, on premise or hosted, that, in many cases, are offered in the market under proprietary brands. Please make sure which telephony system and technology is yours and check our list of supported platforms.

Supported platforms