Caller recognition

Preview the caller when recognized & screen pop the contact

Calling numbers are recognized and the corresponding name or other fields from the database are presented in the CloudCTI ‘toast’. Any field from the database may be chosen, this is a user configuration. In some CRM’s the name is displayed in the CRM itself. Several CRM’s or databases may be integrated concurrently and a search in all of them will be performed simultaneously. The toast doesn’t get the focus when popping and informs the one to take the call without disturbing.

When a caller is recognized in the CRM database, the related contact record may be opened with a mouse click, providing real time information. Any screen within the CRM may be configured as the pop up screen. When the call is transferred to a colleague, the information comes along with it.
Also up to 4 extra automated actions may be added. Depending on the nature of the call, the related data may be automatically retrieved, or the appropriate action performed.


To set up an outgoing call with a single mouse click or hotkey is a very convenient feature, saving time and preventing mistakes. We all are so used to this feature with our mobile phones, but it is not standardly available on business phone systems. Click-to-call not only supports phone numbers in the CRM application but may be used for any phone number on the desktop.

Do you need CRM specific features?


Embedded Integrations

CloudCTI features an embedded integration for a growing number of CRM’s. No local software needs to be installed and extensive functionality is available. On an incoming call the name of the caller is presented in the CRM software as well as all other CTI functionality.

Time registration

The duration of a call is measured and registered at the respective file in the CRM application. For several branches where time spent on calls has to be accounted for, this is a must have.

Call logging and labelling

Calls are automatically logged in the CRM history with the related account and may be labelled with preset values like sale, prospect, etc. Also written notes could be added to calls.

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