​​​​​Teams-CRM Regular licence (in combination with Operator Connect and Direct Routing) and CloudCTI Regular licence (without Operator Connect or Direct Routing)

  • Search contacts from within Teams in all (configured) CRM-applications
  • Click-to-call: start calls from within Teams to contacts in the CRM application with just one click
  • Name resolution: when, on an inbound call, the phone number is recognized, a notification in Teams is shown with the caller's name from the CRM application
  • By clicking on the notification, a screen with contact data opens. Display up to 4 extra fields of your choice from the CRM-application
  • Screen pop: the 'Open Contact' button opens a screen of choice in the CRM application with contact data
  • Perform extra actions: optionally extra buttons can be configured, for example to generate a call back message automatically or to open different CRM-applications
  • Call history: all calls are registered In the Teams call history
  • The call-list, in case of recognition, shows the contact's name from the CRM application. Also, the list can be filtered by incoming or outgoing calls
  • Screen pop contact data from the CRM-application directly from the contact person in Teams
  • Contacts in the history can be added to the speed dial list

Teams-CRM Embedded licence

For embedded CRM-integrations with, amongst others, Zoho, Zendesk, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365: roadmap Q3, 2024

Technical info

Authorise only once with your Microsoft account and the CloudCTI app Is automatically active on all devices with Teams (Operator Connect and Direct Routing). Awesome!

When apart from the VoIP/UCaaS system, Teams is used (for instance for chat, meetings and internal calls) and without using Teams for external calls (so without Teams Voice: Operator Connect, Direct Routing, etc.), CloudCTI connects via the API of the UC-system as well as with Teams. Log In with your CloudCTI account (In many cases even same-sign-on) For this application the CloudCTI Regular license is required, offering also, if desired, all features of the CloudCTI client.

Please go for specific functionality and which CRM-applications are supported here.

Configuration of the CRM-Integration is easy and requires just a few mouse clicks thanks to the CloudCTI Wizard and Webconfigurator.

login teams cloudcti

Licences and the app are available with Telecom- en Teams-providers and resellers.