CloudCTI software supports a broad range of telephony systems, still counting. Often these systems are offered to users using different brand names. Please contact your provider or reseller of your telephony system to inquire about the possibilities. Here is the present list, please let us know when your system is missing and we would be happy to investigate.

Technical info

CloudCTI connects to the platform using the Realtime API.


With Kwebbl, CloudCTI offers
• Set up a call automatically (click-to-call) with a mouse click or hot key.
• Caller recognition for phone numbers which are present in the integrated CRM application.
• With a mouse click, a screen showing the caller's data within the integrated CRM can be opened.
• Both Windows, MAC as well as Chromebook are supported.
• Automatically record calls in the activity history of the caller's file. *supported with some CRM applications, see

How to connect

To connect your phone / phone system to the CloudCTI client requires Kwebbl specific settings. Your reseller will often already have configured this for your account. To create the connection yourself, please follow the steps in the manual:

Order info

If you are interested in the CloudCTI CRM integration from Kwebbl, experience the benefits of CRM integration yourself or offer the software to your customers, please contact Kwebbl for info on pricing and (free!) demo- or reseller accounts for the CloudCTI integration.
End users are kindly advised to contact their telecom supplier.

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