The CloudCTI integration with Microsoft Dynamics is fully embedded; no local software is required. CloudCTI offers an extensive integration with the telephony environment.


With the Microsoft Dynamics integration, the caller is recognized by the phone number sent and the caller's details are shown in Microsoft Dynamics. Various actions can be automated. Calls can be set up directly from Microsoft Dynamics, entering phone numbers manually is no longer necessary.


• Set up a call automatically (click-to-call) with a mouse click or hot key.
• With a mouse click, a screen showing the caller's data within Microsoft Dynamics can be opened real time.
• Automatically record calls in the activity history of the caller's file in Microsoft Dynamics.



CloudCTI is a fully cloud-based software and therefore deployable anywhere and easy to implement. Windows, MacOS and Chromebook (web client) are supported. Data is only cached and the highest security requirements are met.

Download configuration manual