PROMOTION till December 2021

The CRM Connector for MaX UC by CloudCTI is now available in an updated commercial package at very attractive conditions for Metaswitch Partners.
The CRM Connector for MaX UC offers a connection with over 300 different CRM applications featuring caller recognition, contact pop up and click-to-dial and is fully integrated with the Metaswitch MaX UC client.

The promotion consists of an all-time low net purchase price of $1.00 per seat. Also, the regular set up fee of $ 150.00 for this license is waived till the end of 2021.

Please see video: Metaswitch CRM Connector for MaX UC
Brochure: Promotion


per Max UC user

$ 2 .50

per month

  • Unlimited popups
  • Search in multiple CRM solutions
  • Any field from database in popup
  • Show all matches
  • $ 150.00 per customer


per Max UC user

$ 1 .00

per month

  • Single popup
  • Search in 1 CRM integration
  • Contact name in popup
  • Resolved on first match
  • No setup fee *)

Please find all documentation in the Metaswitch community or via the links below

CRM Connector for Metaswitch MaX UC

Brochures on functionality

Technical manuals for installation & configuration

Special embedded CRM integration documents

The embedded integrations with Zoho, Zendesk and Salesforce are, due to our full-cloud architecture, a USP in the Metaswitch marketplace.