Custom integration

Custom integration


  • Recognize contact on ringing with configurable Popup
  • Native Windows Popup
  • Browser Popup support (Apple-iOS)
  • Open contact card in Custom integration
  • Click-to-Dial from Custom integration
  • Configurable Click2Dial hotkey for Custom integration

“Hello miss Johnson; how can I help you today?”

Stop bothering your customers by asking for relation numbers or other contact information.
Instead, give your customers a warm recognizable welcome!

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Custom integration

If your integration is not on our list, you can configure any integration with the help of our wizard.

The integration is available for all phone solutions from our partners and vendor-based phone solutions like Cisco-Broadsoft,  Mitel, Telepo. Your phone solution not connected yet? Please contact us!

With our custom integration Wizard you can connect ANY CRM solution in 3 steps:

1. Synchronize with data sources:

  • Connect to data source through ODBC drivers
  • Connect to data source though ADO drivers
  • Read from data source CSV or TXT

2. Create your custom Popup window

  • select the field from your connected data source
  • Select action button and text

3. Configure action event

  • call configurable URL with parameters from the connected data source
  • run scripts with parameters from the connected data source
  • use keystrokes to automate user actions in connected applications