With CloudCTI, a notification balloon shows the name of a caller (and other selected info) if the calling number matches a number in the CRM application. If the user clicks the notification, it executes a script that pops the caller’s info screen directly within the CRM application. From within the CRM application it is also possible to initiate a phone call to the contact on screen.

The CloudCTI recognition service stores the replicated telephone numbers in a standard format. Often people enter telephone number in different formats, such as with spaces or brackets, to enhance readability. Any unambiguous number is recognized and is no problem for the CloudCTI Recognition Service.

A number of standard techniques ensure such integration is possible with any CRM application. For a long list of CRM applications, the settings are pre-configured, although it is always possible to adjust them manually if desired. Some CRM applications have dedicated CTI interfaces available. In a number of cases, these are used, mostly to simplify the integration process.

Standard technologies for database replication are ODBC, CSV import, LDAP and several proprietary application specific interfaces (e.g. Exchange Web Access). Similarly, a number of technologies are available to activate the appropriate contact in the CRM application such as via URL, a Command Line instruction, the emulation of keystroke command to a specific window and several proprietary application specific interfaces (e.g. Outlook, SuperOffice).